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Sunday, May 11, 2008 . 9:19 PM

Woots busy weekend.

Finally rebuilt my account in Drift City with the help from Julian and Dion. owe them big one now. went for some training and still very rusty. Got to play lesser and concentrate more on studies.. study study study study study .... etc

My 1st stable job~~~ teaching piano at home haha. Well im teaching mom's friend's kid every Saturday at the moment. Had the 1st lesson yesterday. It went well.. or so to speak. Both of us enjoyed the lesson. I found it very rewarding to teach someone else about something you know. yups so that's the highlight of the weekend.

Tests coming and gone and coming and gone. Next week gonna have econs lecture test as well as maths lecture test. wish me luck peeps! ^^

gonna go get some drinks. cheers! :)

Monday, May 5, 2008 . 7:36 PM

noooo~~~~ late for school again.

I haven't been early since the last Monday. i think i just threw away my excellent for the progressive report. T_T of course we, the late comers, had a good scolding from the principal Mr.Koh himself. The scoldings are not important but i just want to write this down in case i forget in the future.

Well Mr.Koh said, if you wake up at 6.30 and you are late, wake up at 6. if you wake up at 6 and late, you wake up at 5.30. The bus system is a service, it's dead. All the bus drivers follow the schedule. So not to be late, you have to beat the system by waking up earlier because you are humans.

I found that very inspiring. The world doesn't always go according to our own taste and preferences. We have to change ourselves to adapt to the world. Yes we are humans, we can change our mindsets. Though we had to stand under the hot morning sun for 45 minutes, i felt refreshed after that. Now im working on my chemistry file. gonna be a busy night.

take care friends :)

Sunday, May 4, 2008 . 8:37 PM

In the morning PoAn came to my house and studied chem with me. then i went to Jurong Regional Lib to do the PW group file with my group mates. Yaya bought 2 drinks and couldn't finish them, as we stepped out of the lib, she noticed that she had 1 more in her bag. haha

When i reached home, i found that my notes are kinda messy and worksheets are everywhere. As i reflect about the past few weeks, it was a mess. I dint complete tutorials on time and dint do well in tests, basically everything's like when i was in sec 3. it sucked pretty bad. After some thoughts, i noticed that it's the time i get back to track again. Needa cool down and rethink about how to study effectively. With the tests here and there, and the piano competition coming up in September, my schedule is tight. Time management is more than essential for me now.

Just now i packed my stuffs and gonna study for the physics tests coming up this week, feeling that.. i need to start working before it's too late. dont always wanna be the one that rush stuffs at the last moment. pray that God can help me with my studies and time management as well as dealing with some troublesome people in school.

That's all i gonna write for now.
Peace and God bless :)

Saturday, May 3, 2008 . 8:20 PM

Today i watched the movie 10,000 B.C. There's one line from the movie i liked. It says," A good man, draws a circle around himself and cares those within; his woman, his children. Other man draw a larger circle and brings with them his brothers and sisters. Some man, has a great destiny, they must draw a circle around themselves that includes many, many more.... you have to decide yourself, are you one of those man or not." I really liked that line. it's so deep. haha. It's a good movie and i enjoyed it.

Alright my throat is not getting any better, it's kinda swollen and gives me a hard time swallowing stuffs, hope i can get well soon. guys do remind yourselves to drink more water.

And if anyone has any part time jobs that you can intro, please do tell me. thx a lot